A Guide To Understanding Your Surfboard Fin Set-up

A Guide To Understanding Your Surfboard Fin Set-up

When it comes to choosing a surfboard there are many different types of surf fins setups to choose from. They each come with their own set of benefits that will ultimately change the way they move and feel in the water. Choosing the right set-up for you will ultimately depend on where and how you want to surf as well as the type of board you are buying. Here is a list of the different types of set ups that you will find and what they will do to improve your ride.

Single Fin

The single fin setup is commonly found on long boards and it is the most traditional fin setup.

Single fins are not the most manoeuvrable boards, they are more ideal for straight lined surfing.

Surfing single fins provide stability and control to your long board. Single fin boxes are long so the fin can be moved forward for a looser feel or backward for more control.

Twin Fin

Twin fin setup will make your surfboard erratic, maneuverable and exciting. Twin fin setups make the surfboard feel skatey, twin fin configuration enhances fun-style turns.

Thruster Fin (3fin)

The 3 fin setup aka “thruster” is the most common configuration out there on the market. This setup is designed to increase tracking and speed. Thrusters offer high performance as they add stability, control and manoeuvrability and it can be used by all surfers, from beginners right through to pros.

Quad Fin

Quad fin setups are great for enhancing your speed on the waves as the water forces and channels through the fins. These boards are really good for big wave surfing as they hold the wave well, they also generate great drive through turns.

5- Fins

The 5 fin configuration is not actually meant to be surfed with all 5 fins. The benefit of a 5 fin is that you can surf all different fin setups e.g. quads, thrusters and twin fins.


This set up is a single fin setup with two side fins. The middle box is longer so you can set it middle or the back to increase movement or decrease movement. The 2 side fins are tracking fins to help guide the water and stabilise the surfboard


Choose the right fin setup for you waves, style and surf to optimize the best surf possible, and more importantly have fun and enjoy surfing!! 

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