5 of the best Stand Up Paddle Board Spots in NZ

5 of the best Stand Up Paddle Board Spots in NZ

5 of the best stand up paddle board spots in NZ

New Zealand is home to some of the world's most magnificent views, best beaches, nice weather and the cleanest water. We are lucky to live in such a place as no matter where you are in the country you are no more than 1 hour away from any coast. We are truly blessed.

So…. why not take the advantage of exploring the beautiful untouched coastline via SUP(stand up paddleboard) board?

Here i’m going to share 5 of the best spots to SUP in the country! (no particular order btw..)

  • Hahei
    Haheis beautiful clear blue waters, lovely golden sand and most importantly it’s a very mellow swell. Hahei is usually glassy which makes paddle boarding a dream as the board just glides over the surface without any chop or disturbance. More importantly Hahei has a beautiful coastlines with the world famous cathedral cove which is seen in the Chronicles of Narnia movie series. This beach is a must see!
  • Abel Tasman
    Abel Tasman is one of the most serene beaches this country has to offer, its untouched nature and its glassy green paned water is a beautiful area to visit. This place is perfect for a bit of “surf and turf” after exploring the bay on the paddle board you can hike through the national park and enjoy the best of both land and sea.
  • Bay of islands, Russell
    The bay of islands is one of the most famous areas in NZ, Russell is known world wide as one of the premium holiday beach spots in NZ. The water is calm, there is plenty around to see as there are many different beaches along the coastline, other islands you can paddle to its truly a paddle boarders heaven.
  • Whangamata
    Whangamata is a beach with multi purposes for a paddle boarder. It has great east coast surf and beautiful quiet coastline, there is lots to do all of the time, surfer and explorers paradise!
  • Herne Bay, Auckland
    Believe it or not this is a great spot to go paddleboarding! magnificent views of the harbour bridge, the ability of paddling to the north shore and touring there. All this in the largest city in NZ so there is no need for travel if you live in the city as one of the best spots is in your backyard.

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