What are the best surfboards to learn on?

What are the best surfboards to learn on?

This is an incredibly common question!

With surfing there are many factors that come into choosing a board that confuses most new surfers making it difficult to purchase the right board. Narrow your mind and narrow your search, no new surfer is going to be Kelly Slater straight away and thats just life. So forget concaves, forget rails, forget tail shapes and keep it simple. You should be thinking "what will help me catch more waves so I can get more experience so I can be the best surfer I can be".

Lets begin!

Softboards, Longboards & Mini Mals
They may look tall or awkward when they are standing up in the board store, but they are your best friend in the water. 
Longboards will offer great paddling speed, which is exactly what you need to catch waves.
They have a full nose and a wide outline which directly relates to the stability of a surfboard making it a lot easier to jump to your feet to start surfing
They are generally a thicker board so the rails are a lot fatter all the way up the board which is where the buoyancy comes in. So if you a beginner or a heavier surfboard the thicker the board will need to be!

The Random X Ultimate

This board is everything you need to start. It's 8'0" or 7'0" tall which helps you to paddle with speed, its 23" wide which helps you with stability so you can stand and it is 3" thick which is great for heavier or new surfers providing you with plenty of volume to keep you afloat.

Rocky Point Pinster

This board is basically the hard version of a softie however it gives you the added benefit of more speed and thinner rails which makes it easier to manoeuvre. This board is even great for intermediate surfers who love surfing mid lengths on small days.

Rocky Point Funsters

This board is a more refined mal you get added manoeuvrability and speed due to added design features, the trade off is you lose volume and stability.

These are our top picks! Softboards are great for young surfers or people are not sure they want to fully commit to surfing. The hard top boards are amazing and are great for anybody willing to get into it.

We hope this helps you! As always connect with us anytime if you have more questions!

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