Jac da ripper - Carbon Stripes 5'10" - 6'6"


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Carbon Stripes

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This shortboard has been developed and refined over several years to be perfect for most New Zealand surf breaks. A good blend of easy paddling, speed and versatility. Long pumping points to hollow beach breaks, this board can boost past the vertical and lift. This board is about more volume, more waves and more fun keeping you loose and zippy in any wave conditions. Medium profile entry and exit rockers loosen up the board with a large sweet spot to help add a bigger plaining surface to maintain speed. A wider outline gives this board more drive down the line, with a slightly more pulled out tail to hold speed through turns. 5 fin set Up: you can choose between quad or thruster fin setups. So whether you want that vertical carve ability, speed for when you need to beat the sections or a bit more hold when the waves are super clean you can change it up based on your conditions. Shaper fins included for free


Glassing - Epoxy / Epicore

Rocker – Medium to Flat to Low Rocker

Concave –  Single to Double Concave

Carbon – Tail Wraps (extra strength) On select models

Tail - Squash Tail Fins – 5 Fin, Quad, Thruster – FCS2 or FCS1 with converter

Board Dimensions:







2 1/2"



20 1/2"

2 1/2"



20 1/2"

2 1/2"



20 3/4"

2 3/4"



20 3/4"

2 3/4"


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