Hey guys!

If you cant make it to our store to chat to our experts on the ground floor in helping you select a surfboard which we hope you later purchase, do not worry we are going to try and bring the store to you in terms of advice on matters like:

  • How to choose a surfboard that would best suit your needs
  • Whether that being to choose your first surfboard or looking at a transition board.
  • Differences in makes/materials
  • The MUST knows as well as the MUST do's.
  • As well as much more
  • But wait it does not stop there! You can also find information on SUP's through this advice tab.
    Through this tab we will try and answer as many questions possible that you would normally ask if you were to come visit us in store.

    Happy reading guys!

    Shipping policy

    Shipping Table

    Here is an easy table to show product shipping costs and delivery method.

    Product Auckland North Island South Island
    Clothing, Surf Accessories  Free $10 $20
    Skateboards, Bodyboards, Skimboards $5 $15 $25
    Softboards (6'0" and under) $9 $19 $29
    Softboards (6'1"+) $19 $29 $39
    Shortboards $29 $39 $49
    Mini Mals $39 $49 $59
    Longboards, Soft SUPs $59 $69 $79
    Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks $69 $79 $89
    KEY: GREEN = Door Delivery,  Blue = Mainfrieght Depot,  

    Tip: How the pricing works, is our base price is to Auckland and then it is simply $10 for North Island and $20 For South Island. The area fee is one time only per cart!=) This is great as it means you only pay the base rate on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th..item!!

    Example 1:

    1 x Skateboard to Christchurch = $25

    2 x Skateboards to Christchurch = $30    ($5 + $5 + $20 ) 

    Example 2:

    1 x 6'0" Softboard to Wellington =  $19

    1 x 6'0" Softboard, 1 X Cover, 1 X Tie Down to Wellington = $19

    Delivery Time/ Process

    Please also note, to save delivery costs for customers, all Surfboards, Soft Boards, Kayaks and Paddle Boards over 6'0" going outside Auckland Region, will be sent to your closest Mainfrieght Depot for pick up by default.

    All other products will be shipped directly to your home address. 

    If home delivery is required for a product above 6'0" this can be arranged for an extra fee. Just call us to organise before purchase.

    All boards are wrapped, boxed and protected with the utmost care. Coastlines is not accountable for any damage caused during transit. If you receive an item with damage we can help process the claim with the freight company.