ALL ROUND AIR - Superior Edition Wind Surfer - 10'6"

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    ALL ROUND AIR - Superior Edition Wind Surfer - 10'6"

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    This board is top of the range; the prelamination and composite structure creates an unprecedented weight/stiffness/durability ratio, ever produced in an inflatable SUP.  The 3 prelaminated composite layers consist of 2 airtight PVC sheets bonded to a polyester 1000D fabric to create one super strong shell. This shell is then machine laminated directly onto the 500D Polyester Drop Stitch fabric. The windsurfer version comes with an additional 10" center fin and a windsurfing mast plug. 

    Narrower nose allows for minimal push of the water in the front, resulting in faster glide with each paddle stroke. The parallel outline ensures great traction and less paddle-hand changes. This also brings another advantage - a wider trail that significantly improves the stability of the board. This board will cover all of your paddling needs; from absolute beginners to those taking first white water runs. 


    3D Stringer

    This year we are introducing an original technical solution on our SE and LE boards – the 3D Stringer. The 3D Stringer connects the deck, rail and bottom into one stiffening U-beam. This has increased the stiffness of the boards up to 30%. Furthermore, the 3D Stringer increases the safety of the boards against leaking as we have dramatically increased the glued overlap surface in the high stress standing area.

    Tail rail edge
    The tail rail edge enhances the performance of the boards by allowing a quick water release.

    ***Please note, paddle not included***