Island Style

6'0 Double Swivel Leash

  • Island Style

    6'0 Double Swivel Leash

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    The Island Style Surfboard Leash has been made and design with the sole purpose to keep you and your board as one. At 7mm thick the leash is super durable and able to withstand the daily life of any surfer. With a double-lined neoprene padded cuff, your ankle will thank you for the comfort and luxury. Simple and easy to attach you will be able to get on to more important things, surf! Whether you are just beginning or have been hitting the breaks since birth, you can rely on the Island Style Leash to be your surfboards best friend. 


    Specs Details
    Cuff Padded neoprene
    Premium solid 7mm urethane
    Rail Saver Detachable triple wrap
    Swivels Dual Stainless steel


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