Touring SUP 12'6"

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    Touring SUP 12'6"

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    It’s all about lifestyle. The 12’6” Quest is designed to get you and your gear to places you otherwise could not reach. Its gorgeous bamboo against the teal & orange screams modern yet classic design. It includes extra bungees to allow large cargo of everything you need to come with you for the ride. The Touring SUPs hydrodynamic Shape allow it to cut through flat water smooth and quickly, making paddling a breeze. From up the Waikato River to Lake Wanaka, this classic style will last the test of time. If you are looking a board that will effortlessly get you from A to B and explore the elements then this is it. 


     Specs Details
    Construction EPS Core / Epoxy
    Shape Classic Touring Shape
    Color Bamboo / orange / teal
    Wooden / grey / lime
    Tail  Square
    Deck Ultra Grip Deck Pad
    Features Moulded carry handle for portability
    Front & Back cargo bungees
    Leash plug & bar
    Heat protection vent
    Fins 2+1 Fin setup included


    Size  Width Thickness Volume
    12'6" 30" 6.75" 269L
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