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Random X Krypto Bodyboard - Green

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    Random X Krypto Bodyboard - Green

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    The Bodyboard can turn an average beach day into a day of fun and excitement! Our Random X Bodyboards are perfect for the littlies to play around in the whitewash, but designed and built strong enough for intermediate to advanced surfers to catch waves with. Our bodyboards are made with an EPS core and a plywood stringer, giving them very good rigidity and buoyancy. With an IXPE slick on the deck and an HD polyethylene skin on the underneath of the board; will allow the board to give a controlled flex and maximize its speed. 


       Specs Details
      Deck IXPE
      Core EPS
      Slick HDPE
      Stringer Plywood
      Shape Performance
      Chanels Graduated
      Tail Crescent
      Rails 60/40
      Lamination Heat
      Leash Wrist leash included


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