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Random X Tech Pro Bodyboard : Blue

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    Random X Tech Pro Bodyboard : Blue

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    The Random X Tech Pro Bodyboard is the ultimate board for serious riders wanting to take their bodyboarding to the next level. Precision placed concaves allow the rider to grip and feel the board under them creating opportunities for sharper manoeuvres. The boards PE construction gives it increased control and responsiveness in the water, increasing overall wave performance. It comes with a high end coiled leash and plug to make sure you stay with your board at all times. The Tech Pro is the perfect board for any bodyboarder wanting to conquor any wave with speed and style.

       Specs Details
      Construction PE
      Slick HDPE
      Deck Moulded concave
      Colour Blue
      Size 42"
      Stringer Plywood
      Shape Performance
      Tail Crescent
      Rails 55/45
      Lamination Heat
      Leash Coiled


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