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Rocky Point Pinster Mini Mal : Blue

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    Rocky Point Pinster Mini Mal : Blue

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    The Pinster Mini Mal surfboard combines the perfect blend of length, thickness and width to give you an amazing all-around board to surf on. Its curved shape includes added width at both the nose and tail to allow for better performance on small to medium waves. The Single fins set-up gives stability with drawn out turn ability. This makes it the perfect board for a beginner or anyone who wants that classic longboard feel with enhanced speed and turning. The Pinster Mini Mal is extremely versatile and the ultimate all-round performer, a perfect package that will have you to addicted to catching waves all year long. 

       Specs Details
      Construction PU core
      Fiberflass outer
      Tail  Rounded Square
      Stringer Wooden
      Colour Blue
      Features Leash plug & bar
      Fins Thruster setup 
      3 fins incl.


      Board Dimensions:

      Length Width Thickness Litres
      6'8" 21.25" 2.75" 39L
      7'0" 21.5" 2.75" 45L
      7'2" 21.5" 2.75" 49L
      7'4" 21.75" 2.75" 51L
      7'6" 21.75" 2.75" 54L
      8'0" 22.45" 2.75" 58L
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