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    Try Sexwax Quick Humps in the optional recyclable paperboard box. This new package is easy to open and can be reused. Now you can keep your wax clean and you will always know what you have leftover when you keep your partially used wax in its original package. Find the ideal balance between stability and stickiness by utilizing these formulas alone or as part of a Basecoat/Topcoat combination.

    Sex Wax has satisfied thousands of surfers and the best pros in the world every day for over 30 years! It's quite simply the best wax on the market, enough said!


    Specs Details
    Warm to mild Tropic
    A firm yet sticky grade of wax
    21°C to 29°C
    Formula Secret Mr Zogs
    Features Biodegradable


    The recommended temperature range for a Single Wax Application is printed on the front of each Quick Humps label. 
    Each Quick Humps label has its own "X-NUMBER" which indicates the relative hardness and stickiness of the six different formulas. The "1X" formula is the softest and stickiest Quick Humps Formula and the "6X" formula is the hardest and least sticky formula.
    When recommended temperatures for two or more Quick Humps formulas overlap, use the "X-NUMBERS" to determine your preference.


    Use Quick Humps as a basecoat with a Dream Cream or Quick Humps topcoat for increased levels of both stickiness and stability
    Using a harder wax for your basecoat will take more effort but your basecoat will be more effective and last longer.
    If increasing temperatures will soon be realized due to seasonal change or travel then make sure your basecoat is hard enough for the warmest conditions that will be encountered


    Questions Answers
     Soft waxes

    Easier to apply
    More likely to move or rub away at pressure points on your board

    Harder Waxes

    Less sticky
    Somewhat more difficult to apply
    More likely to stay in place and not rub off

    What should a good surf wax provide?

    Moderate to high levels of stickiness
    Stability Underfoot

    What is a single wax application?

    A Single Wax Application is where only one formula of wax is used at a time.

    What are the short comings of a single wax application?

    Increased Stickiness requires a softer wax which in turn will reduce Stability Under Foot.

    Should I continue using just a single wax application?

     If Single Wax levels of stickiness and stability are adequate for your needs then there is no reason for you to switch to Basecoat/Topcoat combinations.

    When should I use a basecoat/topcoat combination?

    When you want to increase the stickiness you get with your single wax application without sacrificing stability.

    How do basecoat & topcoat combinations work?

    A harder Basecoat formula provides Stability Under Foot with a long lasting surface texture that can hold the softer Topcoat wax in place and prevent it from moving or rubbing away at strategic points on the deck of your surfboard.

    Once you have a firm Basecoat, your Topcoat wax can be much softer and stickier than anything you could use without a Basecoat.

    What are the rules for basecoat/topcoat combinations?

    A Basecoat must be sufficiently hard to remain stable at the current water temperature.

    You can use anything you want as a Topcoat wax as long as it is softer than your Basecoat wax.

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