Sticky Johnson Deluxe Warm Wax Yellow


Sticky Johnson Deluxe surf wax, Long lasting, super grippy wax that beads nicely upon application. Tested and refined against the best selling wax in the world. Scientifically engineered to outperform the competition on grip, longevity and application. How do you differentiate a surf wax I hear you say? Make it the best! Manufactured, tested and proven here in New Zealand and exported around the world.

  • 90 Grams
  • Made In New Zealand


  • Tropical - Hard/Basecoat - Water temp above 24 degrees
  • Warm - Hard/Sticky - Water temp 20-24 degrees
  • Cool - Semi soft/Sticky - Water temp 14-20 degrees
  • Cold - Soft/Sticky - Water temp Below 15 degrees

If you need any help deciding on what wax to use while surfing then this is worth a watch. Former world tour surfer Maz Quinn takes us through Sticky Johnson's surf wax range which is made in New Zealand and arguably the best out there.

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