XR2 Mens Triathlon Wetsuit

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    XR2 Mens Triathlon Wetsuit

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    The Xero XR2 Mens Triathlon Wetsuit is designed with quality materials for maximum performance in open water. Made with precision, 3mm neoprene around the chest and thigh sections, there is improved buoyancy and warmth whilst thinner layers in the underarms and joints increase users range of motion. This combination of buoyancy and manoeuvrability increases your overall efficiency and performance in training and competitive racing. Not only will you be fast in the water but with quick release stretch calf panels and customised easy reach back zip you will be in and out of your suit with minimal time and effort.


    Specs Details
    Design Performance Wetsuit
    Perfect for training & competing
    Material 3mm Smoothskin Neoprene - Chest & thighs
    2mm Smoothskin Neoprene - underarms
    Back Zip
    YKK zip with tie cord
    Features Quick-release calf panels
    Flush guards at the wrist and ankles
    Low bulk neckline
    Complementary fitting gloves
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